Discovered Not Authorized By the Bank: Amount

The cash facility negotiated with your bank has a controlled cost since the interest rate appears in principle in the account agreement it has given you or at least in an endorsement that your advisor has taken care to have you sign. In the context of an unauthorized overdraft, things are more complicated. Whether it […]


Dare to carry out your projects through the line of financing created through the agreement “Software” between LABORAL Kutxa and the European Investment Fund. It aims to promote the future of entrepreneurs, SMEs and self-employed. Also, you have the financing in very special conditions to create or consolidate your business. AUTONOMOUS AND SMALL BUSINESS FINANCING: […]

Earning extra money and lending as a student

For students on a tight budget, earning extra money and lending as a student is interesting. We put the possibilities for you under each other! Life as a student is not cheap     Studying in the Netherlands is an expensive joke. Think of tuition, study books, housing and living expenses. Earning extra money and […]

What different types of loans are there?

Are you considering taking out a loan and are you wondering what different types of loans can be interesting? We discuss various credits here and you have to take them into account. The different types of loans A loan, also called a credit, can be concluded in many different types and sizes. Think of a […]

Quickly close credit

Are you running out of money this week and do you want to take out a quick loan? HERE you can quickly borrow money from online providers within 10 minutes! Do you want direct money to your bank account to solve your balance dip, but you wonder: how do I get money quickly? Applying for […]