How to put together a gift set of coffee cups


Give a loved one the gift of great coffee with a delicious mug and a range of goodies

A coffee mug makes a great gift for any occasion. But if you are looking to add something more to make it even more special, you may want to consider making a coffee mug gift set. A nice cup, accompanied by delicious goodies – and, of course, top quality coffee – will give your friend or loved one the ultimate coffee experience.

Take a look at our coffee mug gift ideas to get inspired and let your creativity run wild.


Why a coffee mug makes a great gift

The cups are useful throughout the day. From the first sip of coffee to wake us up in the morning to waking up at lunchtime and picking up in the afternoon, a good quality coffee cup will contain your favorite drink and make it a real treat. Giving a coffee mug as a gift gives your recipient something practical that is sure to please them. And, of course, a cup doesn’t have to be just coffee. These versatile containers are also ideal for comforting hot chocolate or refreshing tea. The choice is theirs!

Choosing the one that suits their style and adding their favorite finger foods or a few pampering treats will give your coffee mug gift a personal touch. It’s a great way to show a loved one how much you love them.

What to include in a coffee mug gift set

As you might expect, the key part of a coffee mug gift set is, of course, a coffee mug. The choice of mugs and cups can be almost overwhelming, but try to focus your choice of gift on tailoring it to your recipient.

You might want to give them a reusable storage cup, so they can keep their drink hot and spill-free on the go. You might know how much they love to curl up on the couch with a beer and a good book. Will they rock the cup and discover its cozy warmth? Our Pod Cups may be what you need. Or would they prefer something with a handle so they can easily turn the pages of their novel?

Once you’ve found the perfect coffee mug, you can start thinking about what you would like to pair with it.

First of all: the coffee. You might want to think about how your gift appreciates their coffee. Do they have an espresso pod machine? In that case, provide them with plenty of delicious pods to keep them alive. If you know the flavors they enjoy, you can pick something their taste buds will love. Something chewy, like our Rabot Estate Cashmere, is ideal for those who like the delicate notes of creme caramel and freshly baked brioche. And if they prefer something a little more punchy, there’s our Rocket Blend – a bold, turbocharged offering. If you are unsure of their preference, then The One is a good, balanced choice. With its warm notes of fruit, caramel and milk, this classic blend is ideal for daily consumption.

No coffee machine? No problem, you can always add a delicious sachet of fresh ground coffee or whole beans to your gift box.

For the adventurer

Do you have a friend who likes to go out on a camping vacation?

A coffee gift set with a light mug or travel mug is a great way to keep your favorite adventurer warm and energized, even in a tent.

Add convenient latte pouches for easy preparation on the camping stove. And why not include marshmallows, cookies and a bar of chocolate so they can whip up delicious s’mores over the campfire?


Hug in a cup

Do you know someone who needs a little comfort?

Keep them warm with a cuddly mug coffee gift set. Try to look for a tactile cup they can cradle in their hands. Or, when they need a quick pick-me-up, there’s the Hotel Chocolat Hug ceramic mug. With its small size and unglazed base and ridges inspired by the natural grooves of the cocoa pod, it’s a lovely way to serve an espresso or a white dish.

In addition to coffee, treat your loved one with delicious chocolate truffles and pampering gifts to help them relax. A scented candle will create a warm atmosphere, while a moisturizer for the hands is a real nourishing treat.

Complete your gift box with a pair of fluffy slipper socks – after all, no one likes cold feet!

Caffeine and appetizers

Coffee and snacks: two of life’s greatest joys.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a foodie friend who also has a passion for coffee, then collect a selection of luxurious chocolate gifts. After all, coffee and chocolate go together like two beans in a pod. Maybe your recipient loves white chocolate or can’t get enough of Dunking’s Crispy Cookies.

Treat them to a selection of their favorite finger foods to enjoy while they sip coffee from their new mug. Do you think they would like to explore something different? Our little chocolate packs are a great way to offer them a variety of truffles, drinks, sticks, and selectors that they may not have tried before.

For the coffee lover

How about a gift box for a friend who really knows their beans?

A sophisticated coffee mug will allow them to sip in style, while a selection of coffee beans will give them the chance to explore what coffee from different regions has to offer.

Meanwhile, a coffee grinder gives them the opportunity to grind their own beans and achieve the perfect texture for their favorite brewing method. Finally, help them learn more about caffeine with a coffee book.


Alternatives to coffee gift boxes

Not everyone is a fan of coffee like us. Fortunately, a quality coffee cup is suitable for much more. If you’re looking for something special for a gift that doesn’t drink coffee, why not give her a delicious hot chocolate gift box instead?

Start with a mug they’ll love, then add a few of our luxurious hot chocolate flakes – individual pouches or large pouches. With so many flavors to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect option for them.

Add marshmallows and a cute mini whisk for a delicious set. Otherwise, try your hand at making hot chocolate bombs.

Coffee Mug Gift Presentation

When it comes to presenting your hot chocolate or coffee gift box, the world is yours. Here are some simple but effective ideas:

A filled coffee mug gift

You can present your mug with the gifts hidden inside for an added element of surprise. It’s a great way to give small gifts. Once your items are inside the coffee mug, you can wrap them in tissue paper to protect them. If you want to display the gift, try wrapping the mug in biodegradable cellophane and tie a ribbon around the top.

Make a coffee mug gift basket

Alternatively, a basket is an elegant way to present your gifts. You can reuse an old box or get a stylish wicker basket. Either way, you can arrange your items however you like – perhaps with the coffee mug in the center, with the other items around. Shredded kraft paper, raffia or tissue paper will help keep gifts safe and add a rustic finishing touch.


Buy online ? We have a range of gift boxes and bags to make presenting your coffee mug gift sets quick and easy. Simply choose your items and select the gift wrap at checkout. We’ll wrap it all up for you, and you can even add a personalized gift note.


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